Koh Samui Dreams (kind of)


Last installment of the honeymoon, y’all. Promise.

Koh Samui was supposed to be the tropical honeymoon dreamland of which I have dreamed approximately my whole life since marriage started seeming like a real thing, which was maybe 6 months ago? Ish.

Imagine my delight when we arrived, and the first thing to greet us once we arrived at our hotel was…


Well, the ACTUAL first thing to greet us was these drinks – roselle juice, with a handmade flower rosary just because, I don’t know, decorations. OMG it was so humid and they were amazeballs.

But the SECOND thing to greet us (are you feeling the suspense?) was a monsoon! And then there was another one later that day. And then there were 3-4 monsoons every day for the next 3 days.

In other words, GREAT JOB, Koh Samui.

All of that aside, it was basically a tropical honeymoon dreamland. For instance, check out the breakfast buffet. Let’s go on a little adventure.  I love adventures!!!

Family, Food

Ballin’ Chicken Tetrazzini

DSC_0496Are you a casserole person?

I can’t say that I identify as one. We weren’t really a casserole family, so to speak – I’ve never had anything against them, but they just didn’t serve as a big part of my eating experience growing up. When I think of enormous one-dish meals, I think of lasagna and mac and cheese (both of which my mom can seriously make the heck out of).

Here’s what happened: I was sick, and at the grocery store, and I wanted to buy a rotisserie chicken to make homemade chicken stock. But I also realized that in order to get to the chicken carcass (sorry), I would first need to pull off all the chicken and do something with it.  I am dying of suspense.


Buffalo Chicken Wontons

DSC_0476Oh, my goodness.


First of all, these were supposed to be spring rolls, but SOMEBODY (the grocery store) only had the smallest size of wonton skin. Well. I’m personally not one to let THE MAN (the grocery store) keep me down, so wontons it was.

(To be clear, I honestly still thought that they were going to be spring rolls when I went to roll the first one. And…you can see how they turned out. Wonton city, population ALL OF THOSE UP THERE IN THAT PICTURE.)  Gimme gimme gimme!


Three Nights in Bangkok


[EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is terribly written and horribly rambly. I’m sorry. I really am.]

[SECOND EDITOR’S NOTE: The title of this post is actually a reference to a song, and NOT just horribly unimaginative. I could understand why you might think that, though.]

The most recent adventure in my life has been our honeymoon: two weeks in vibrant, amazing Thailand. We really had no idea of what to expect going in, except for knowing that it would be utterly and completely different from home. And in that regard, it did not disappoint.


I find it a little challenging to talk about visiting other countries, because the homebody in me (yes, it does exist) often spends a good portion of every trip looking for the familiar. That’s something that I’ve tried to fight as I’ve gotten older, because I love to travel, but it doesn’t make the experience too much easier to describe. However, the defining point that we found while traveling is the same one that has made the biggest impact in our lives at home: the food.  I like food.