The 411

Hi! I’m Tess.

The vital stats: 29 years old, a grad of Wesleyan University, working as an HR consultant and personal/corporate coach (come work with me!) and living life in Denver, Colorado.  Attempting to mask the (sometimes) pain of real life with wine and (sometimes) organic food.  Not sure how this is going to work out at the end of things, but figured I would chronicle it in case it got funny/devastating/crazy/all of the above at any point.

I love: cooking, singing, yoga, travel, new adventures, old (and new) friends, reading, my awesome family, sushi, Frye boots, sweet potato fries, running, big sunglasses, and clean air.

I do not love: bananas, orange juice, pickles, pretentious people, oblivious drivers, humidity, or possums.*

*I am happy to say that 7 years after starting this here blog, my “do not love” column has not changed at all. I am nothing if not consistent.

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