Patriotic, or Something.

I have no idea who this is.

Aaaaah, Washington, D.C.: the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  A haven of bad traffic, humidity and tourists, but also (and much more importantly) really fun girlfriends and some history that even I find interesting.  As a former Russian major (is it “former” if you actually acquired the degree, but are sadly no longer a student?), I find any country’s history that does NOT involve the staunch pride of Eastern European men and its consequences somewhat boring.

Regardless, this past weekend, my man and I took on the nation’s capital for yet another farewell-East-coast-cities weekend (Boston was the weekend before, and NYC will be next) in an effort to see friends before we move really, really far away.  (FRIENDS IN QUESTION: we visited.  Now it’s your turn.)

Our patience was heavily tested on the drive down, and if that WAS a test, I would say that I  definitely failed.  I am and always will be a New Jersey native: impatience courses through my veins like the strong, unwielding current of the beautiful Passaic River.  Minus the dead bodies.

The temperature in D.C. was hovering somewhere between “oven” and “sauna” for the bulk of the weekend, despite my friends’ protests that “really, this was really nice weather.”  Come see me in Colorado.  Then we’ll talk.

Anyway, we were graciously put up by one SDH (thanks again!) and further amused and entertained by another certain Amazonian-type blonde chick.  It’s always nice to see people that you haven’t seen for a while, and to still have a great time with them and think “wow, this person rules!”  Sort of a constant affirmation of both the power of friendship (CORNY) but also the importance of choosing totally kickass friends (AWESOME).

Highlights of the weekend: brunch at Eastern Market, a tour of the capitol given by the oldest man left in the capital (pretty sure), the Museum of Natural History, a sweet sweet family BBQ, a 1:00 AM driving tour of the monuments at night, and Georgetown Cupcakes: a store/restaurant, devoted SOLELY TO CUPCAKES.  I had this idea years ago.  I’m pretty sure I should be receiving checks in the mail for that.  They’ll be hearing from my lawyer.  Up next: Montclair and NYC.  Two and a half weeks left on this coast, people!  Let’s DO THIS!

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