Back to Squam, Again and Again

It’s probably pretty clear from my last few posts that I spent the last long weekend in a whirlwind of travel.  Well, more like a bell curve of travel.  If it were turned upside-down.  Or something.  Yeah.

Anyway, here are some snapshots of the weekend.  I wish I were swimming right now…

[I am prettttttty sure I will never get sick of this view…]

[pensive pup]

[twenty-five long, hard years…don’t they look like they’ve put up with a lot?]

[crab cake sliders at the anniversary celebration were beyond mouthwatering]

[lake surfing is a phenomenon I had never discovered until this weekend, but it’s possible!]

[sitting on the dock in the wee hours of the morning is incredibly peaceful…one time, I did yoga there.  But just the once.]

[boys on a kayaking/canoeing excursion]

3 thoughts on “Back to Squam, Again and Again”

    1. Thanks gav! I use a Nikon D60, with an 18-55 lens. The lens itself isn’t too fancy and is sort of limiting, but I love the camera itself. When my computer crashed, I lost Photoshop – so now all my editing is done in iPhoto and I’m a lot less happy with the results, but what can you do? The subject matter definitely helps with these pics though! It’s beautiful up there :).

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