Interior Design

Just A Little Weekend Inspiration

[How much do you love this dresser???  I know.]

Since most of the past few days have been spent unapologetically hanging around, waiting for employment to begin, I haven’t had much to write about (other than how much I LOVE homemade iced tea.  Nothing like it).  However, since today I am house-bound for another reason (I have a hangover), I feel like I should try to produce something to stop feeling so gross.

My inspiration folder has been one of my favorite things about my steady decline into design-blog-junkiedom over the course of the last year.  I’ve collected hundreds of images of spaces, walls, and objects that I think are awesome and make me wish I constantly had a new space to fill with furniture and things, beautiful things (but this would most likely involve moving, and I will NOT BE DOING THAT AGAIN ANYTIME SOON, PLEASE AND THANK YOU).

I’ve started to notice patterns with what I like, and they don’t all run in the same direction.  On one hand, I love clean and white and bright and wood (this may have something to do with the house I grew up in).  On the other, I love bright, bold, unapologetic use of color with a creative twist.  This has been much more my style in the spaces I’ve lived the past few years, if only to cut down on the drab tendencies of college-style living.

So, here are some of my faves from my inspiration folder.  Whaddya think?

[These three images are from an awesome brownstone designed by the Brooklyn Home Company.  I love.  I want.]

[Why can’t I have it??? WHY???]

[This woman, Emily Henson, might just be my design hero.  If you were a kid, and your mom made you this room, WOULDN’T YOU JUST WANT TO HUG HER ALL THE TIME?  You can see more of her sweet house on Design*Sponge.  Here’s a picture of the interior of her garage/home office, just because I love ya.]

[I wouldn’t get anything done in this space because I would spend all my time drooling, but I love it anyway.]

[I’ve talked before about how Design Sponge’s Before and After Thursdays make me weep a little on the inside, with the purest kind of joy.  Chair makeovers are probably what make me the happiest.  I’ve been on the lookout for my own craigslist find to rehab, photo shoot, and send in!  And then sit in, of course.  Duh.]

[There is nothing quite like Ghislaine Viñas.  I fell in love with her design through House of Turquoise, when I saw this INCREDIBLE house in the Hamptons.  This is another one where I probably couldn’t live because I would have a headache all the time, but who needs pragmatism at a time like this?  Observe.]

[If you ask me, it’s a little cruel to have a house this crazy and not have it available as a hotel.  I know it’s kind of too much, but too much of a good thing can be okay every once in a while.  Because LOOK AT THAT MIRROR AND THE CHAIR.]

[This kitchen combines a lot of my favorite elements – light, color, butcher’s block counters, a cool yet classy backsplash, and just general prettiness.  Lemme at it!!!]

Anyway, that’s all for now, because duty (aka dinner) calls.  Happy weekend!

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