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Before and After Mania: Our Apartment

[I don’t know if that’s an onion peel on the floor or what, but just ignore it.  Please.]

Most of you who know me know that I am a complete and total nut for a good before and after transformation.  What’s better than seeing an ugly-ass chair revamped into the pinnacle of fun – or better yet, the centerpiece of a room?

Well, this post isn’t about a chair.  It’s about my apartment.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, My Man and I dwell in a mere 530 square feet, a space which we have used well in the past year.  For the past few months, we had decided that we had outgrown this place, and that moving was the only way to accommodate the vast quantities of crap that we had managed to amass over the past year.

However, after looking at several options and realizing what the price difference was, we sat down and had a long conversation about what moving REALLY meant: money.  Space, also, but mostly money – and lots of it.  Boulder homeowners can charge a small fortune for a shitty-yet-large apartment in a good location, and we were starting to grow weary of justifying enormous rent leaps in the coming months.

So, we took a leap of faith and decided to go in another direction: straight to The Container Store.  After measuring out the areas of our apartment that we felt were not being put to good use spatially, we stormed through the doors of that fated retail venue with one goal in mind: organize the crap.  And organize we did.  Check it out! Continue reading “Before and After Mania: Our Apartment”