Interior Design

Chalk It Up to Sheer Insanity

Most people who have followed my steady decline into design-blog junkiedom for the past year are somewhat aware of my affinity for chalkboard paint.

I.  LOVE.  Chalkboard paint. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Now before you attempt to set me straight (and good luck with that, really), I am MORE than aware of the health issues that can accompany having chalkboard surfaces, and therefore chalk dust, in your home.  And yes, I know that chalk gets on your clothes, and that chalk dust floats around in the air, and that all of those things would theoretically detract from the initial appeal of using chalkboard paint to make EVERYTHING in your living space more exciting.  (And interactive!!  It’s FUN, people!!) Continue reading “Chalk It Up to Sheer Insanity”