Not-So-Mystic Pizza

I love the ocean.  You might not believe me since I voluntarily moved to a landlocked state, but I really do.  Learning to scuba dive several years ago was such an eye-opening experience in terms of my love for the ocean – getting a feel for hanging out in the ocean’s most intimate environment (I really didn’t intend for that to sound creepy, but okay) was so incredible and inspiring.  It was definitely a jolt to the senses when, after a totally unreasonable lifetime fear of sharks, the first thing I saw after my lengthy trip down the anchor line from the boat wasn’t a fun manta ray or a majestic lionfish but a shark, just chillin’ on the bottom.

My point is, I went to Mystic Aquarium in CT last year during my spring break (when that still existed), and it was pretty awesome.  Not as awesome as scuba diving, but still pretty awesome.  So, here are some pictures.  I had a pretty sweet experience with a beluga whale involving it coming right up to the glass where I was standing and mimicking the way I was turning my body!  Somewhere in the world, I have a baby beluga friend.

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