Interior Design

Not So Kitschy

In case this hasn’t already become crystal clear, I’m a huge fan of cooking and food in general.  But perhaps even stronger than my love for culinary delights, is my love for kitchens.  Allow me to rephrase that – I love beautiful kitchens.  Old, dilapidated kitchens with ugly cabinets and gross countertops and broken sinks and horrible linoleum (hello, rentals) make me feel like I have been stabbed in the heart with a diamond blade, left just a little bit alive, and then fed to a pack of very hungry wild boars.  If that was too abstract, I don’t like them.

But gorgeous kitchens, with fun countertops (granite to butcher’s block – it all works for me) and perfect color accents, or awash in white with simple stainless appliances and a general feeling of “aaahh” when you’re inside of them?  Now we’re talking.  Or should I say, cooking?  (Sorry.)

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