The Maiden Voyage

It’s not that I’ve never had a blog before.  Rather, I’ve had two of my own (short-lived) and contributed to a third (mercifully continued by the more diligent efforts of others), but I’ve never been much for writing things down.

It’s not even that I spend all of my time in the present, as could be argued by those who don’t enjoy reflection and would rather just get out and DO SOMETHING.  It’s just that life ALWAYS seems to get in the way.  I should be writing in my diary/blogging/keeping a journal, but wait!  First I need to: go to the grocery store, search for a new pair of running shoes online, look up the age of retirement in a place I could potentially be interested in living 40 years from now, etc, etc, the list goes on.  There’s always something that takes precedent.

Well, I won’t say that it’s been for the last time.  Knowing my own habits, this will be the only post on this blog.  If I post again, really, congratulate me, because it probably took a lot of effort to come back and feel like I had anything useful or noteworthy to write about.  But if you stick with me: you won’t be disappointed.*

*Okay, you might.  But that’s not my fault.

And awaaaaaaay we go!

I feel that the following picture is an appropriate representation of how we should all feel about my blog at the moment: this is new, and also, watch out!

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