To the Land of Steady Habits: Farewell.

The History Channel’s description of Connecticut begins like this:

“With its many beaches and harbours, its forest-clad hills, and its village greens surrounded by houses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, Connecticut represents a special blend of modern urban life, rustic landscape, and historic sites.”

New Haven

Doesn’t that sound romantic?

After having lived here for a solid four years, I can certainly attest to the natural beauty that can be found liberally sprinkled throughout the stumpy (yet rolling) foothills of Connecticut.

HOWEVER, I can also attest to the fact that liquor cannot be purchased on Sundays, even if it’s the Superbowl or New Year’s Eve, as well as to the unfortunate reality that is Connecticut’s parking lots.  For reasons heretofore unexplained, the Connecticut Bureau of Parking Lots has entrusted the job of designing all parking-related areas to a logically challenged, blind, deaf, drunk, out-for-revenge  four-year-old.  This, my friends, is a daily struggle.

As I say my final farewell to the Nutmeg State in just two or three days, I submit that I will miss the following things about Connecticut:

Mmmm...sushi. Image via Flickr.

1.  Japanica Sushi. This place was literally the life’s blood of myself and my housemates this past year.  With smiling staff and complementary sake if they know and like you, their summertime $20 all-you-can-eat sushi deal cannot be beat.  However, knowing what Boulder’s Hapa Sushi has to offer, I think I’ll probably get over it eventually.  Or really fast.

Foss Hill

2.  Wesleyan University.  This bullet point encompasses a huge  range of emotions and experiences.  My college experience and my first “real” job out of college were both amazing learning and living experiences; however, I can certainly attest to the fact that college is WAY less fun once you’re no longer a student.  Feeling old and washed up?  Not good for your skin.  Trust me.  But I’ve met some of my favorite people in the world here, and that won’t go away anytime soon.  It’s been real, Wes.

80 Home, dressed in its Christmas finery (with some leftover pumpkins).

3.  80 Home Avenue.  That house made my year infinitely more tolerable, hilarious, frustrating, and fun.  Miss you guys.

And honestly, that’s pretty much it.  If after four years, my list is that short, I think I’m pretty safe to say that moving on is absolutely the right decision.

Along with my farewell, I would also like to submit a NEW state nickname coined by my man for the Constitution State, to be added to its already long, but truly yawn-worthy litany of names:

It has a nice ring to it, no?

Wild Wild West: here I come!!!

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