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Things I Would Like To Like to Be Near


I think that maybe the title of this post is not grammatically correct, and I do not care. I would like to make it clear that I tried. Moving on!

So, we’ll be moving in the next few months, and it has come to my attention that we’ll likely be ending up somewhere that will need a bit of (ahem) TLC in order to look nice. As such, I have been scouring the world’s number one spot for stealing other people’s ideas, Pinterest, to try to find fun ideas that I could potentially incorporate into yet another living space in which am not allowed to paint or knock down walls. Grrrrrr.

I’m not feeling that Hemingway-ish at the moment, so let’s just dive into some pictures and talk about them. Any suggestions you (yes, YOU! You there.) might have would be extremely welcome regarding making a drab rental look less drab/rental-ish, and also if anyone would like to give me a nice house in the Bay Area, that would be really terrific and I would be super appreciative.  We’ve got work to do!

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Comings and Goings

Truth be told, it’s been sort of a lackluster week.  The weather hasn’t been great, and a lot of the week has been spent applying to jobs, building furniture, and attending job interviews and then spending the rest of the week waiting to hear from said potential jobs.

Not low-stress activities, exactly.

However, we’ve had some other stuff going on in preparation for our big move tomorrow (YAY!), and here is some of that stuff in the form of a picture essay.  Wahoo!

We’ve been hanging with the doggies:

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Colorado: Initial Impressions.

The title of this blog post could suggest that this is my first time in Colorado.  Conversely, this is my third time out here in the past three years alone, with five or six other trips dotting my childhood.  (There were some VERY harrowing skiing experiences early on in high school that left me fairly sure where I stand on the “professional athlete scale”.  The answer is mildly depressing).

But now that I’ve been in Denver for two weeks (which admittedly is different to the People’s Republic of Boulder, where I’ll be living as of next week, so bear with me, or don’t, but I’m allowed to change my mind!!!!), I’ve had a pretty good amount of time to start sussing out my surroundings.  The following is a list of my very observant, witty, and often overly generalistic impressions of my new home state.

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Happy Trails and Mountain Tales

DISCLAIMER: This is strictly a life-update post.  If that doesn’t interest you, there are pictures of kitchens in my last post, or try  I can’t please everyone, so let’s all try to work together here, okay?)

This weekend I happily celebrated my twenty-third birthday.  (If you know me, you may know that I have a bit of a complex about birthdays – probably due to a lifetime of friends away at camp, on a family trip, or just generally not around to celebrate on my “special day.”  No cupcakes in school for me!)

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