Turn and Face the Strain

Today is my last day of work in the Alumni and Parent Relations department at Wesleyan!  I am so conflicted about how to feel.  This job has been literally the best first-job-out-of-college experience I could possibly imagine.  The work and (more importantly) the people really made it a joy to come to work every day, and that’s going to be really hard to replicate in the future.  (Providing I even find a job.  But that’s a story for another day!)  I’m gonna keep this short because I need to start packing up my desk (sad face), but this is a weird day.

I’ll miss this place!  So much.

And now, the most exhausting, trying, rewarding, wonderful, unthinkable experience of my life (aka Reunion & Commencement Weekend 2010), portrayed via webcam-in-fast-forward in 178 seconds.  I think this is really cool, but that might be somewhat due to the fact that this four-day weekend pretty much dominated my life and ate my brain for five months.  Zombie-style.

2 thoughts on “Turn and Face the Strain”

  1. Tess — I’m so glad I checked your blog! Looks like all is going well in (f)unemployment land! Also — I finally got to see the video you were talking about. Awesome.

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