2015: Back in action.

2015-01-01 16.31.44

I’ve been thinking about what to write here for a very, VERY long time.

Since I last posted here, I have a) gotten married, b) moved to the Bay area, c) had four (4) different full-time jobs, and d) spent a whooooooole lot of time soul-searching. I started coaching and consulting. I’m getting certified as a personal and corporate coach (whoa!).


(Yes, four full-time jobs. I know. I can’t even, either.)

I’ve (we’ve) adopted a dog. (The best dog. Like ever. Seriously.)

2015-01-17 12.47.33

I’ve spent a bunch of time exploring California. Slightly less time exploring Thailand. Both of those places are very special and very different.

We wrote a (small) cookbook. It was one of my favorite things I’ve done as an adult.

A big part of what I’ve struggled with is feeling like I need my life to have a very specific set of circumstances in order for sharing to be in order. My Facebook posts have been few and far between, and only intended to highlight the large life events listed above. (“Carefully curated” doesn’t begin to describe it.)

On the real, there has been some unemployed time (startup life), some pretty nerve-wracking, scary life questions, some oh-no-am-I-really-a-grownup thoughts, and a TON of being very grateful for the things that do remain stable throughout all of that.

But. I like sharing. I like my friends and family to know what’s going on with me. I like cooking, and sharing recipes. I like showing people pictures of my dog. (Especially if he’s sleeping.) Also, I find that when you share the not-so-perfect things, it makes other people feel better. The struggle is real, right, guys?

So – let’s keep it real in 2015, shall we? The good, the bad, the ugly, the delicious. I’m actually mostly hoping to focus on the good and the delicious, but there goes that old cycle again, sooooo….

Here we go!

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