My Side Project

So, there’s this idea I had a few months back that involved watching a lot of terrible romantic comedies and live-blogging them.  Because, what’s funnier and more depressing than cold-hearted sarcasm in the face of true love?

I had initially intended for that project to be a separate blog altogether, but since THAT hasn’t happened, I figured I would post the first stab at this on here and see what the reception was like.  Leave your thoughts in the comments, people.

PS: If you loved the movie “Leap Year” starring Amy Adams herself, probably stop reading now.  And I’m sorry in advance.

PPS: I’m making myself kind of vulnerable here, you guys.  Be kind.  Kay?

PPPS: This may come as a surprise to you (not), but I swear a lot more in real life than I do on this blog.  I’ll try to keep it as toned down as possible, but how many of us can restrain the endless stream of profanity running through our heads when watching a really trite and horribly written movie?  (Oops.  Spoiler.)

Give me let me read I want!