Red Eyes Give Me Red Eyes

I’m catching a midnight flight to New Hampshire this evening (night?!) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my parents’ nuptials.  Three cheers for them for continuing to like each other, and generally for setting a great example.  Good work, Mom and Dad!  You kick ass.

The interviews continue, and the weather has been rainy all week – what the heck, man???  I MOVED to get away from this weather!  Hopefully all will be well and blue-skied again upon my arrival back in CO on Monday night.

In not-so-other news, I took an “exam” yesterday morning to see if I’m smart enough to be an administrative assistant.  Questions on the quiz included, “please type in the shortcut to save a document in Microsoft Word.”  Couldn’t someone just ASK me if I know how to use Microsoft Word?  And if I didn’t know how (due to my apparent status as a troglodyte, since my GRANDMA can use Microsoft Word), couldn’t they teach me?  Come on, guys, it’s 2010.  Live a little.  Dare to hire someone and assume that since it says on their resume that they can use Microsoft Word, they’re probably not lying.  And if they are, you’ll probably find out VERY fast.

Anyway, that’s that.  A few of these job leads seem very promising, but isn’t that what all the good unemployed folks of the world are saying these days?  Anyway, thanks to Collin and his endless arsenal of useless crap (aka his blog) for this picture.  There are lots of black bears in New Hampshire, so I might even get to take my own version of this photo this weekend:

Here’s to a loooooong weekend of family and drinking.  Not necessarily in that order.  Cheers!

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