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Comings and Goings

Truth be told, it’s been sort of a lackluster week.  The weather hasn’t been great, and a lot of the week has been spent applying to jobs, building furniture, and attending job interviews and then spending the rest of the week waiting to hear from said potential jobs.

Not low-stress activities, exactly.

However, we’ve had some other stuff going on in preparation for our big move tomorrow (YAY!), and here is some of that stuff in the form of a picture essay.  Wahoo!

We’ve been hanging with the doggies:

This is Sammy.

That’s Sammy and her buddy, Foster.

That’s Hobbes.  He’s a puppy.  He has LOTS of energy, all the time.  Every day.

Our furniture building has looked like this:

That’s my man, building some shelves.  He doesn’t look very happy, but you wouldn’t be either if you had sawdust flying in your face.  Okaaaaaaaaay?

These are the ladder-style bookshelves my man built, before I attacked them with spray paint.

Them shelves never stood a chance!  Take THAT.  Hey hey, Rustoleum!  BFF’s.

I made this pillow!

Just LOOK at that corner detail!  ….OK, I had some help sewing.

And lastly, (this was actually last week, but who’s keeping track?), we reupholstered the chairs for our dining room table.  Results?

The two different sets of chairs came from two different garage sales, and both had nasty fabric on them.  So, POW!  Reupholstered.  Also, I am newly in love with the idea of using a staple gun.  They are SO LOUD, but DAMN do they make me feel powerful!  Watch out!

Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s pretty much it, for now.  Apologies for the few-and-far-between posts lately – this whole moving thing is kind of taxing to the brain.  Also, I smell dinner.  Gotta go!

8 thoughts on “Comings and Goings”

  1. damn tess, that stuff looks great. I’m kind of really excited to see what you’re going to do with a place that isn’t a giant crap-shack leaking depression and gradoo from its pores.

  2. so, I’m a bad bad southern man. apparently its spelled gradeaux

    (just for a heads up i originally spelled “spelled” spelt, damn i need some yankee friends around to knock my speaking back into place)

  3. what is the pillow for? looks beautiful! And the bookshelves look amazing. what color did you spraypaint?

  4. Ohmigosh I missed this one! Those shelves are awesome and I didn’t even know you could sew . . . but staple and glue guns are definitely a girl’s best friend! 🙂

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