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Spring, But Slowly

Aaaah, spring.

The promise of buds on trees and bushes, the smell of pollen in the air (unfortunately, for most of us), and approximately 100 million cyclists that make every spin around Boulder in my minivan a truly terrifying experience.

I can already tell that this spring will be different from others that I’ve experienced so far – much like the fall, Colorado puts its best foot forward in terms of natural beauty (business as usual, with its gorgeous white mountain peaks and clear blue skies), but falls a little flat in terms of my New England-bred expectations. But wait: there’s more!

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Pretty, Shiny Things

[New wall hangings to take up some blank space, finally. Prints all care of various wonderful family members – this is your wall!]

Oh hi!

What a week.  At some point as an adult, you get used to not having plans every single day of the week like you used to in college, and actually, once you’re working 9-5, I think that downtime can be kind of crucial to your mental health.

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Whoops. Also, Sesame Noodles!

OH YEAH, my blog!

Forgive me, friends.  My only excuse is that at some point in the last few months, I’ve developed a life.

With that aside, life update: Work has been hectic but also great, and My Man (he has formally requested that I capitalize his title from now on, and who am I to deny Him?) and I have been spending lots of time with friends and family.  Highlights include an awesome wine tasting, some happy hours and potlucks, and nights snuggling by the fire watching Glee with some of our buddies.  Life has been pretty grand.

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Fall Has Sprung

[FYI: This is not Colorado.]

Hello, what presumptuous jerk decreed that spring was the only season that could be sprung?  Fall has sprung, and it has sprung HARD.  So there.

Now that October is somehow here (and honestly, how did that happen???), I have prepared myself for the following realities:

1.  I need a new pair of boots.  And quickly.

2.  What happens to the body around late September that suddenly makes pumpkin appropriate at all times?  I’m being real here.  Beer, pie, lattes, costumes, candle-holders (I guess that’s really only for one night, but still) – in much the way that my body seems to wake up every morning and say, “It seems to be morning!  Coffee, please,” it seems that every fall, I am predisposed to purchase and indulge in every pumpkin-related item I can find.  Once, there was body wash.  I’m past that now.  Although I may or may not have purchased some hand soap.  Whoops.

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Guac and Roll! (Wince.)

This is my mom.

Isn’t she cute?  I know. Here’s one of my parents togezza:

They’re totes adorbs.  I love it.  Doesn’t my dad look mysterious with that hat and the sunglasses on?  He’s kind of like a spy.  Anyway.

My mom is a talented woman and has done many extremely awesome things in her life, but one of my favorite extremely awesome things that she has done is to make guacamole.  Many times.  On several important occasions.  In my not-so-humble opinion (for this is, need I remind you yet another time, my blog), my mom’s guacamole is absolutely unparalleled.  She’s got it all down – the ingredients, the texture, the taste, even the perfect chip to go with it (Frito Scoops – you don’t have to agree, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it).

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