Free Time Will Be The Death of Me

I have never been good with free time.  It makes me restless, and when I get restless, I get antsy, and when I get antsy, I BOTHER PEOPLE.  My family can attest to this more than any other group of people in the world.  Now, my man, too, is learning about “Bored Tess.”  May the lord have mercy on his soul.  In advance.

“Bored Tess” was an entity that my family learned to steer well clear of when I was growing up.  Anytime I started to appear in doorways repeatedly, seeming to want nothing but attention and appearing more than just a little manic, a wall of defense would go up all over the house like a panic room system.  “Bored Tess is out!  Come up with a good excuse to make her leave you alone, and then LOCK YOUR DOOR.”

Luckily, I’m staffing an event in Denver from Wednesday to Sunday this week, so I will probably make a transition at some point in the next few days from “Bored Tess” to “Complaining About Working Too Much Tess.”

What am I missing here, people?  Other than the obvious fact that I’m just happier when I’m busy, is there something besides reading 100% of Daniel Silva’s spy thrillers that I can do with my time?  Granted, I live somewhere with fantastic hiking and a ton to do.  I should probably just quit blogging and go outside.

That’s it, I’m going for a swim.  Thanks for your help!  But seriously, any suggestions for internal motivation would be much appreciated.  Have at it!

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