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Home, Home on the Range…???

Apparently, I have a deep-seated fantasy of being a farmer’s wife.  Slash, fine artist.  Who knew?

As soon as I saw this amazing Massachusetts barn, I realized that I had made a terrible, horrible mistake in moving to Colorado.  I don’t like MOUNTAINS – I like BARNS!!!  How could I have forgotten this?!?!

Seriously, check out this incredible barn that this woman and her husband put together.  You can read Robin’s whole story and check out even more pictures of this incredible place at Apartment Therapy!  In the meantime, someone buy me this house.  I don’t care how much the current owners like it.  Everyone has their price.

[I am in love with that collection of hanging lanterns]

[The coffee table!  The beams!  The floorboards!  OH MAN!!!]

[Check out the sweet rolling work table.  Also, the transom windows!!!]

[Nowhere I ever live will have a paintbrush collection like this, but it’s a nice idea.]

[It probably isn’t clear yet how much I like this room, so I’ll just show it again.]

[This is the loft!  (There’s a loft!  It’s awesome!)  My man and I have that lamp!  By extension, I MUST LIVE IN THIS HOUSE!]

Thanks to Apartment Therapy for once again guiding me along the way.  I would be so, so lost without you.

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