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Home, Home on the Range…???

Apparently, I have a deep-seated fantasy of being a farmer’s wife.  Slash, fine artist.  Who knew?

As soon as I saw this amazing Massachusetts barn, I realized that I had made a terrible, horrible mistake in moving to Colorado.  I don’t like MOUNTAINS – I like BARNS!!!  How could I have forgotten this?!?!

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Food, Life, Mistakes

Humble Quiche

This is the quiche that stole my happiness.

Actually, I’m sorry, I’m not being totally honest.  THIS is the quiche that stole my happiness.

Do you see all that water?!??!  I can’t even…grrrrrrrrrr.  I just got mad all over again.  Look again.  Just so you can totally be on my wavelength.  The quiche-fail wavelength.  It’s a sad, lonely, tasteless part of the spectrum of emotion.

Offensive, right?  I know.

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