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Pretty, Shiny Things

[New wall hangings to take up some blank space, finally. Prints all care of various wonderful family members – this is your wall!]

Oh hi!

What a week.  At some point as an adult, you get used to not having plans every single day of the week like you used to in college, and actually, once you’re working 9-5, I think that downtime can be kind of crucial to your mental health.

This week has been really fun, but a little hard on the whole mental health thing – I feel like I’ve barely been home since Monday morning.  But that’s not to say that it hasn’t been action-packed and pretty awesome!  Highlights of the week include going to see JHK try on his movie-star pants at the Denver premiere of Race Across the Sky, which was pretty awesome – the doco tells the super-inspiring story of all the “real people” who manage to complete the Leadville 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race every year (and oh yeah, the pros who actually manage to win the thing).

I also tried my hand at “book club,” where I felt a little guilty for not having read the book, but it turned out that it was of little matter because the focus was much more concentrated on drinking wine and playing Rock Band.  Much more my pace.  (Just kidding.  I do read, okay?)

I think that we’re at the point where we’ve established several good friends in the area who we really enjoy spending time with, and I’m super thankful for that.  You all should be too, because when I have nobody to talk to, I talk to you.  And that’s when the crazy comes out.

Anyway, I’ve been getting antsy when it comes to interior design recently, and I’ve found myself making small changes around the house that will make me happier on a daily basis.  The biggest change has been the artwork that we’ve finally managed to get up on the walls – it only took three and a half months.

[This cozy corner makes me happy when I get home from work…or anywhere, really]

[WOW, this photo is crooked. Nice.  Our first “real” artwork, a housewarming gift from my parents.  Thanks guys!]

I’ve been finding my inspiration in other places as well…

[I think that the simplicity of this bathroom is what does it for me…oh, and then the green tub.  Obvs.]

[Love, love, love this salvaged wood wall.  So creative and cozy!]

[I don’t actually own a dresser at the moment (thanks, 530 square feet), but this amazing painted chest of drawers makes me kind of excited to rehab a Craigslist find.]

[We found curtains that weren’t too different from these in our apartment, and they ended up lasting about five minutes.  Turns out that green background doesn’t match with, um, ANYTHING.  Better luck next time!]

[I love everything about this bedroom.  EVERYTHING.]

[Someday, I will have a bathroom with damask wallpaper.  It may not be until I’m 80, but it will happen.  Mark my words.  You heard it here first.]

And that’s what I’ve got for now.  It’s a totally gorgeous weekend here in Boulder, and I’m off to enjoy this beautiful day.  Happy Sunday!

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