Why Am I Suddenly Hungry?

[Rainbow rolls, salmon-avocado rolls, veggie rolls and spicy salmon maki with unfiltered sake and tamari]

Sometimes, I like to remind myself how delicious homemade versions of “going-out” food can be.  This option is especially enticing when I am feeling very poor, but I still want ultimate deliciousness.  This weekend, My Man got mega-motivated to make incredibly involved homemade sushi, and OHBOY was it awesome.  I am so impressed.  He can definitely stay.

[A homemade take on Mod Market’s Dessert Pizza – nutella, strawberries and powdered sugar.]

[Gnocchi mac’n’cheese, in a gruyere-cheddar-parmesan sauce]

[Homemade falafel, hummus, tzatziki sauce and quinoa tabbouleh with stuffed grape leaves and mixed greens]

[Sunday morning huevos rancheros with homemade cilantro-corn salsa, fresh avocado and gluten-free tortillas]

Excuse me now while I go gnaw off my fingers.  I mean, make dinner.  Mmmmm.

[UPDATE/Side note: We did NOT eat or prepare all of this in one weekend.  This is like, more meals/calories than any two normal people could handle in a week, let alone 48 hours.  But it’s something to aspire to….]

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