Eternal Wisdom of a Spotless, 8-year-old Mind

This unthinkably adorable human being is my ever-charming, always-hilarious and consistently wise 8-year-old cousin, Lila.

She’s like, kind of my hero.  Also, she’s pretty dang cute.  (Sorry.  I guess I say “dang” now.)

Why am I speaking of my 8-year-old cousin on my blog?  Well, it’s interesting that I should use the word “blog” – because she has one now.  Cue the link:

Think you don’t care what an 8-year-old is doing?  You thought wrong.  If you’re feeling stressed, or you need some inspiration for dinner, Lila may have the answer.  Even if she doesn’t, you may find yourself swept up in her world.

Also, she’s pretty dang cute.

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