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Spring, But Slowly

Aaaah, spring.

The promise of buds on trees and bushes, the smell of pollen in the air (unfortunately, for most of us), and approximately 100 million cyclists that make every spin around Boulder in my minivan a truly terrifying experience.

I can already tell that this spring will be different from others that I’ve experienced so far – much like the fall, Colorado puts its best foot forward in terms of natural beauty (business as usual, with its gorgeous white mountain peaks and clear blue skies), but falls a little flat in terms of my New England-bred expectations.

That’s okay, though.  I’ll take it, for the 300 days of sunshine.

Although I’m definitely looking forward to things like spring flowers and delicious, fresh fruit breakfasts:

and lots of adorable doggies running around outside:

I’m gonna hold off at least another weekend, in favor of this:

and this:

My Man and I are headed up to the mountains (namely Eagle, Colorado) with some dear friends this weekend for some skiing, drankin’ and general relaxation.  One last hurrah for winter – and then I’ll probably be ready for all of those cyclists.


Happy weekend!

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