Okay, I’m back. Give me a break. XOXO.

[The weather in Colorado has not been ANYTHING like this recently.  This is unacceptable.]

Yeah, yeah.  I suck at blogging.

Listen, my life just hasn’t been all that interesting lately, aside from working too much and watching a lot of 24.  Wait, can I talk about 24 for a second?  Jack Bauer is SO badass.

And that’s all I have about that for right now.

I took a very impromptu trip home a few weeks ago thanks to My Man’s extremely generous parents (thanks again, guys!), and once again: my parents are cute.

[I know.  This is from last year.  But the weather sucked in New Jersey this time around, so this is just nicer.  Plus, I took no pictures.  So, that kind of takes care of that.]

SmallSmag, also known as my little sister, hauled ass home from her idyllic college to say hi.  Here’s one time she was really annoyed with me:

[I am awesome.]

I’ve started wearing heels.  This is not a joke.  Did you guys know that Sofft makes a few (only a few, most of their shoes kind of resemble air mattresses) pairs of shoes that are actually cute AND comfortable?  This is a major revelation for me.  I actually don’t feel like I’m being punished when I wear them.  (Also, this is not an advertisement.  Just a fashion revelation.  It’s fashion, okay?)

My upcoming trip to Spain, which isn’t for like four months, is consuming a lot of my brain/everyday thought.  And I haven’t even bought the plane tickets yet.

[And this is why.  I go there please?]

Spring/summer have pretty much flat refused to dawn on Boulder so far, so I’ve been spending a lot of time seeing movies.  Bridesmaids was hilarious.  Kristen Wiig may be the most hilarious woman alive.  I want her to be my friend.


What else, you guys?  So far we’ve covered the weather, TV, and my family.  Isn’t this great for you right now?  This is great.

I only eat carbohydrates on Saturdays now.  It’s a big deal.  This is also partially why you haven’t seen many recipes lately.  And by “not many,” I mean “none.”

However, I am slowly perfecting one of the most delicious brussels sprouts recipes I have ever consumed, and as soon as I feel confident enough about it to distribute/force it upon others, you’ll be the lucky recipients of BRUSSELS SPROUTS.  Don’t you feel lucky??  I know!  I’m the best!

[Mine don’t have bacon…YET.]

And that is definitely it for now.  I’m hoping that somehow, someway, something magical is going to happen in my life soon that I’ll actually feel is worth blogging about.  For now, though, you’ll have to make do with idle thoughts of the weather and threats of miniature cabbage recipes.

Love ya!

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