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Birthday Week Recap, Slash Instagram Remix

(Cough.) A visual representation of Birthday Week, through some iPhone Instagram pictures (verbal recap at the end, if you’re so inclined):

[Giant birthday cupcake, made from scratch by my boss and our CEO – just one of the many reasons why I love my job]

[….and approximately 24 more reasons to go along with it.  I was instructed to hand these out to everyone at work, because I never got to do it in school!!  Love.]

[Getting to pass out my cupcakes in “school”!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am smiling very big, in case you can’t tell.  Also, that’s my girl Tatiana.  She’s awesome.]

[Secondary caption: OMG I need a haircut.  What is that, even??]

[Canvas and Cocktails at PoshSplat Boulder (you can’t see his glass of red)]

[The finished product: one of my more valiant attempts at creating art, fueled entirely by alcohol, perseverance and old age, in that order.  They helped.]

[Relief.  Are his eyes crossed???  Also: PARTY DOG!!]

[Wonderful visitors who truly made my weekend]

[A fitting variety of beverages for my Birthday Brunch…”salad” (a bloody mary) and “sustenance” (coffee in turquoise Fiestaware!!!  I may or may not have bought that mug for myself as a birthday present.  To myself.  OKAY I bought two.  Never mind.)]

[Secondary caption: Bags.  Under eyes.  How old am I, again??]

[A turquoise birthday ice cream cake: simply amazeballs.  (I say amazeballs now.  It’s catching on at work.)]

I’ve been at a little bit of a loss for words in trying to describe last week (this happens never).

I pretty regularly take time out of my day to reflect on how grateful I am for all of the amazing people in my life, but occasionally, those same people (who are awesome on a normal day) come forward and do something extra-awesome (but still perfectly in line with their natural, awesome tendencies) and make me go WOW wow wowwwwwwww people are so great.

So, although I am almost certainly blowing you away with my extremely articulate and easy-to-understand explanation of what I’m trying to get across here, I’ll cut to the chase: I am so, so touched by how kind people can be, and so thrilled and endlessly grateful for the sheer volume of extraordinary people in my life.

I am constantly surrounded by such extreme wit, kindness and thoughtfulness, and having so many amazing people present in my life is something that I will never take for granted.  Thank you to everyone for making this transition into official mid-twentydom a true pleasure and delight.  Not one text, phone call, FaceTime session, Facebook message or handmade postcard (yes, that happened) went unnoticed or unloved.

Birthday Week highlights included:

  • Seeing Ben Folds play (for the 4th time and 4th city since I was 15) at the Ogden Theater in Denver
  • Going to the midnight opening of the last Harry Potter movie (sob, and yawn) (yawn because I was tired) (not because I didn’t like the movie) (because I did like it.)
  • Seeing a fun production of Hairspray – fun to watch, but I miss broadway shows.
  • Going really slow down the Alpine Slide at Heritage Square, a bizzaro-Western-style mini-theme park in Golden, CO
  • Painting things and drinking wine with My Man, along with several memorable meals
  • A visit from some cherished family members
  • A customized happy birthday serenade from an 8-year-old girl playing a ukelele on the Pearl Street Mall…organized entirely by Lila.  Some 9-year-old, huh?
  • And of course, an indeterminate number (3, but who’s counting??) of margaritas at the Rio with some fantastic people.

Needless to stay, I’m STILL exhausted.

AND since I know you’re already sick of the sapfest above and I have no interest in indulging myself further, you can check out my Pinterest pictures where I put pretty things.  It’s kind of like a second blog, only not at all.  It’s just pictures.  That I didn’t take.  Shouldn’t I be in marketing?  I should totally be in marketing.

Thanks again, guys.  I really, really do love ya.

XO -Tess

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