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España: A Retrospective

Hey you!  I’m back!

And actually, I’ve decided that instead of doing one big post on my trip to Spain (I got back Sunday), I’m going to do little mini-posts on each place I went – since they’re all so different.  There will be pictures.  There will be stories.  I will most likely mention food.*

*Points to you if you can find the understatement in the paragraph above.

In the meantime, my current main contributions to life are passionately complaining about how jet lag doesn’t work with my busy office-and-television schedule, and about how I just don’t FEEL like making dinner tonight.  Bo-ring.  Let’s skip it, shall we?

The point is, I like you guys.  So, look out for more pictures and fun stuff over the next few days!  Yahoo!

Sneak preview of the food below.  Mmmmmmmmm churros.

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