ZucchiniFest 2011!!

I hate the end of summer.  Why do people insist on making a thing out of it?  Like, we’re depressed enough.  We don’t need to discuss it.

Anyway, my point with all of that is that food is really good, and I’ve been kind of a food blog maniac lately – doing less bloggin’ of my own, and more “research” (letting other people do the work for me and then reading their recipes).

I’ve been diggin’ on seasonal recipes lately, and that’s going to be my focus today.  This blog post is about other blog posts.  Specifically, food.  More specifically, zucchini.  Are you looking for cooking inspiration?  Look no further…well, maybe a bit further.  However, the point of all of this is that zucchini is awesome – you can put it in all kinds of unhealthy things and make yourself feel better, OR you can make previously unhealthy things kind of healthy(ish) by replacing fun foods like potato with zucchini instead.

NOTE: Cheesecloth can be very necessary.  I bought some.  You should, too.

Brandi at I Made That!’s Zucchini Gratin.  I haven’t made this yet, but I intend to.  Picture shamelessly pilfered from her site, but I’m linking to it.  Make this!

Deb from Smitten Kitchen’s Zucchini Fritters.  Delish, delish, delish.  Amaze.

Adrianna at A Cozy Kitchen’s Zucchini Fries (with TWO DIFFERENT dipping sauces!!)

It’s amazing because you get to roast garlic.  And then put it in a sauce.  And then dip things in the sauce.  And then eat them.

And the things you can dip in the sauce can be zucchini fries.  Or also, probably bread.  Or veggies.  Or cardboard.

While it’s entirely possible that YOU may be sick of hearing about the sauces, I am certainly not.  So here is a picture of them.  Aren’t you hungry?  I know you are.

 And Adrianna’s Zucchini Cheddar Drop Biscuits – I made these to bring to a brunch, and I have never been so proud to present food to anyone.  Baking is just not my forte.  But I’m working on it!

Guys, iPhone pictures are just really hard to make appetizing.

But these were seriously amaze.  In other news, never have I so badly pined for a clean dishtowel.  I bought three the next day.

In case you’re looking for more inspiration, here are a few other end-of-summer ideas:

Heirloom tomato caprese salad – ’tis the season, people!  Get yourself to the Farmer’s Market.  Or Whole Foods.  Or the regular store, I suppose (although when it comes to bougie vegetable items like heirloom tomatoes, I’m probably more likely to choose the bougie market locations).

And if your boyfriend is REALLY nice, he might make homemade roasted corn salsa and mojitos to go along with it.  But only if he’s nice.

Let this be said: making chocolate mousse at home is NOT EASY.  And also hard to eat when you had a really big dinner.  But we power through.  It’s for the children.

Okay, last picture of this post.  Have you guys heard of PoachPods?

I swear this is not an advertisement.  If poached eggs are as much of a mystery to you guys as they are to me, then these things will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  In a truly amazeballs and also revolutionary manner.  You just boil like an inch or two of water in a pan with a lid, put the pods in, crack the eggs, put the lid on, wait five minutes, and TA-FREAKING-DA!  The most gorgeous and perfect poached eggs.  Ever.  You are your own chef, so do it now.

Anyway, that’s it.  I’ll be back soon (yeah, yeah).  Promise.

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