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Barcelona is the love of my life.

Like, literally.  I have not been as captivated by a city as I was by magical, sunny, crowded Barcelona since I was in Estonia four years ago.  To me, Barcelona captured every piece of my favorite parts of my favorite cities – a bustling downtown, beautiful plazas, a fantastic beach, beautiful people, great food, and amazing architecture.  In case you can’t tell, I’m kind of obsessed.

Have you guys been there?  If I loved Barcelona, where else should I go?  I kind of don’t want any suggestions because I kind of just want to move there.  But I’ll also hear suggestions.  Please leave me suggestions.

Okay, enough about that.  Wanna see some pictures?

[Cafes con leches near our hotel]

[Plaza Catalunya – pigeons, bums, street-dancers, you name it.]

[A thoughtful pre-meal moment]

[Inside Gaudi’s Segrada Familia – hands-down the craziest cathedral I have EVER seen.  This barely scratches the surface.]

PS: Do you guys know about Gaudi?  Do you know about his craziness?  Homeboy was INSANE.  His architecture is straight-up crazy.  Also, the lady on the tour recording (not that I listened to that, except I did) really casually mentions on a very regular basis that he died after being run over by a tram.  Like, all of this life productivity and making stuff like THAT ((see above)) and then he got run over by a tram.  Really, world?

[More Gaudi – the park he designed for his benefactor, Parc Guell.  These are the gingerbreadyest houses I have ever known.]

[Palm trees, cityscape, beach, ocean – I’m having trouble finding a missing element here.]

[A door detail at Segrada Familia]

[Parc Guell]

[Barceloneta beach – please note the giant copper fish in the background.  It gets CRAZY glinty all over the place when the sun reflects off of it.  Also, it’s a giant fish.]

[Beach promenade]



[Drinks at the marina]

[Fun lanterns at a restaurant near our hotel][Street musicians, who played latin-themed music with choreographed dance routines (yes, even the stand-up bassist).  Amaze.]

Are you enchanted yet?  I am beyond obsessed, and I MUST go back.  Accepting free plane tickets and offers of lucrative employment abroad immediately.  Just kidding.  Actually, not kidding at all.

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