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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mom

DSC_0498 copy 4

10. She has a really loud, genuine, infectious laugh.

9. She takes a lot of interest in other people, and always asks new acquaintances questions about themselves to make them more comfortable. (Please note: the below picture is of my sister, and not a “new acquaintance.” I just thought it was a nice picture.) 


8. She’s really, really, really smart, but she also still enjoys learning new things.

DSC_0225 copy

7. She’s a really good cook! (See this guacamole recipe for proof.) Still to come: her lemon-poppyseed cake and her magical chicken-tetrazzini thing.

photo (1)

6. Her sympathetic phone voice and text message tone are very well-honed and mom-like (see above screenshot, and also imagine a 25-year-old phoning home complaining, “I’m siiiiiiiick”).


5. She uses lots of exclamation points, and those illustrate her personality well. Also, when I send her text messages and pictures about mundane things, she reacts with an appropriate amount of enthusiasm. It doesn’t go unnoticed.


4. She is really dannnnnggggg purdy.

photo (2)

3. She is a very wise mom-person.


2. She and my dad are endlessly, intensely adorable and love spending time together. The prospect of getting married is far less daunting when I have the two of them to watch.

DSC_1130 copy

1. She’s my mom! I love you, mom. Happy mother’s day. 🙂 (PS: I even love you enough to put this old, outdated, and fairly unattractive picture of myself on my blog. That’s how much. That’s a LOT.)

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