Dark Chocolate Salted Peanut Butter Cups (Gasp)


Well, I’ve really gone and done it now.

Here’s something that I want to know: why don’t regular Reese’s peanut butter cups have the same peanut-butter-to-chocolate ratio as the Easter Reese’s peanut butter cups? The regular ones seem totally fine until you buy the Easter egg-shaped versions that are available approximately 3 weeks per year, wherein you realize that you have been completely HOODWINKED by Reese’s and they’ve been holding back this whole time.

I hope that the fact that I have already spent this much time harping on about peanut butter cup equality will drive home why I bothered making these myself.


These peanut butter cups make me want to lock myself inside my house and not let anyone else in until they’re gone. Including my husband, who happens to really like them. Is that wrong of me? Damaged? Don’t answer that. I’m just keeping it real.

Not to change the subject, but we spent this past weekend in Colorado, and it was just the best, best thing. My husband and I are both so lucky to have families that easily fall into the “best ever” category, and spending time just hanging out with the people we love was pretty freaking rad. And (I’m bringing it back around) when I love people, I want to make them dark chocolate salted peanut butter cups.*

*I think we already touched on the fact that ACTUALLY, I do not want to share these. If I share them with you, you know I really love you. And here I am, sharing it with all of you! So I must really love you. (I do.)  More peanut butter, please.

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Ballin’ Chicken Tetrazzini

DSC_0496Are you a casserole person?

I can’t say that I identify as one. We weren’t really a casserole family, so to speak – I’ve never had anything against them, but they just didn’t serve as a big part of my eating experience growing up. When I think of enormous one-dish meals, I think of lasagna and mac and cheese (both of which my mom can seriously make the heck out of).

Here’s what happened: I was sick, and at the grocery store, and I wanted to buy a rotisserie chicken to make homemade chicken stock. But I also realized that in order to get to the chicken carcass (sorry), I would first need to pull off all the chicken and do something with it.  I am dying of suspense.


Buffalo Chicken Wontons

DSC_0476Oh, my goodness.


First of all, these were supposed to be spring rolls, but SOMEBODY (the grocery store) only had the smallest size of wonton skin. Well. I’m personally not one to let THE MAN (the grocery store) keep me down, so wontons it was.

(To be clear, I honestly still thought that they were going to be spring rolls when I went to roll the first one. And…you can see how they turned out. Wonton city, population ALL OF THOSE UP THERE IN THAT PICTURE.)  Gimme gimme gimme!


Sick Day Realness: Homemade Chicken Stock / “Bone Broth” Recipe


Being sick is legitimately the worst.

I may have mentioned this before, but growing up, one of the most-repeated warnings in my household was, and I quote: “A bored Tess is never a good thing.”

Being sick is SO boring. I always have all of these ideas of cool things to do, and none of them are possible because I’m sick. Or I actually try to do all of them and just prevent myself from getting better any faster. So basically I hate it I hate it I hate it.

Anyway, in the spirit of going along with being sick (I repeat: ugh), I decided to learn how to make homemade chicken stock. Mostly because it feels like doing something when I’m not really supposed to be doing anything at all. I want chicken stock, too.


Baked Eggs 4eva.

DSC_0315 (1)

You guys. I like actually can’t even with these.

I think I mentioned previously that the Husband (!!!) and I spent much of this past fall putting together a little labor of love that was honestly one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. Since we weren’t going to be home for Christmas, we put together a cookbook of our most-cooked meals, as a little snapshot of our world and a way to share one of our favorite ways of spending time together with our families. Gimme that recipe NOW.