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How To Not Be A Jerk, and also Green Smoothies.


I’ve been thinking, guys.  Dangerous stuff.

Over the course of my lifelong quest for perfection, I have found many things.  First of all, the very act of being on a lifelong quest for perfection has a tendency to turn any human into an awful, anal-retentive beyond belief totally stressful bore. It’s a bummer.

But what does that mean?  Continue to strive for perfection, but relax sometimes?

Okay. How hard is that? For me, REALLY hard. I can compare this in some ways to the Atkins diet.  Please come along with me on this metaphorical exploration. Let’s go!


Why Am I Suddenly Hungry?

[Rainbow rolls, salmon-avocado rolls, veggie rolls and spicy salmon maki with unfiltered sake and tamari]

Sometimes, I like to remind myself how delicious homemade versions of “going-out” food can be.  This option is especially enticing when I am feeling very poor, but I still want ultimate deliciousness.  This weekend, My Man got mega-motivated to make incredibly involved homemade sushi, and OHBOY was it awesome.  I am so impressed.  He can definitely stay. Continue reading “Why Am I Suddenly Hungry?”


Sunday, no wait, Monday Night Dinner: Almost Not Veggie Chili

Okay, here’s the situation: I am not – and might I add, never will I be – a vegetarian.  I love meat.  I love steak.  And the way I see it, if one loves steak, it will just be really difficult for one to ever seriously consider abandoning steak.  Steak abandonment.  AKA vegetarianism.  Also, chicken!  Mmmmmm.

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Whoops. Also, Sesame Noodles!

OH YEAH, my blog!

Forgive me, friends.  My only excuse is that at some point in the last few months, I’ve developed a life.

With that aside, life update: Work has been hectic but also great, and My Man (he has formally requested that I capitalize his title from now on, and who am I to deny Him?) and I have been spending lots of time with friends and family.  Highlights include an awesome wine tasting, some happy hours and potlucks, and nights snuggling by the fire watching Glee with some of our buddies.  Life has been pretty grand.

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I Say Risotto, You Say…

Okay.  Risotto isn’t necessarily the most easy-to-photograph food, but let’s talk here for a minute.  Risotto.  Is.  Delicious.

Are you hearing me?  Delicious.  I’m the first one to admit that I overuse that word, but I am 110% behind every single utterance of those three syllables.  I like good eats, people.  That’s the deal.

So, back to the topic at hand: lots of people are afraid of risotto.  Not in the lock-your-doors-at-night kind of way, but more in a hell-no-I’m-not-making-that-myself-I-know-I’ll-screw-it-up-Hey-do-you-feel-like-going-out-for-Italian? kind of way.

You know?

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