I Say Risotto, You Say…

Okay.  Risotto isn’t necessarily the most easy-to-photograph food, but let’s talk here for a minute.  Risotto.  Is.  Delicious.

Are you hearing me?  Delicious.  I’m the first one to admit that I overuse that word, but I am 110% behind every single utterance of those three syllables.  I like good eats, people.  That’s the deal.

So, back to the topic at hand: lots of people are afraid of risotto.  Not in the lock-your-doors-at-night kind of way, but more in a hell-no-I’m-not-making-that-myself-I-know-I’ll-screw-it-up-Hey-do-you-feel-like-going-out-for-Italian? kind of way.

You know?

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Guac and Roll! (Wince.)

This is my mom.

Isn’t she cute?  I know. Here’s one of my parents togezza:

They’re totes adorbs.  I love it.  Doesn’t my dad look mysterious with that hat and the sunglasses on?  He’s kind of like a spy.  Anyway.

My mom is a talented woman and has done many extremely awesome things in her life, but one of my favorite extremely awesome things that she has done is to make guacamole.  Many times.  On several important occasions.  In my not-so-humble opinion (for this is, need I remind you yet another time, my blog), my mom’s guacamole is absolutely unparalleled.  She’s got it all down – the ingredients, the texture, the taste, even the perfect chip to go with it (Frito Scoops – you don’t have to agree, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it).

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Notcho Grandma’s Chicken

[How would you like to breathe THAT when you walk outside of your house?]

Actually, it is.  I’m going to share a family secret with you today.  Don’t tell nobody!  Actually, do.  It’s a pretty delicious secret.

But first of all: Boulder has been in the news this past week, and unfortunately it’s not for very happy reasons.  We’ve had some wicked wildfires going on just to the west of downtown Boulder, right over the Flatirons (the foothills here) and unnervingly close to our apartment.  It’s a major bummer – over a hundred homes have burned down at this point, and authorities are saying it’s probably going to take another ten days or so to contain the fires.  Also, this town smells like a damn bonfire.

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Mmmm…Thai Green Curry

So, here’s the deal: when one moves to Boulder, something happens where one all of a sudden starts craving organic fruits and vegetables.  It’s like a disease, only you get more healthy.  But the weird thing is, I’m lying, and the reality is that you basically HAVE to buy organic fruits and vegetables here.  You have to make more effort to find NON-organic, and who wants to make an effort?  Exactly.

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Humble Quiche

This is the quiche that stole my happiness.

Actually, I’m sorry, I’m not being totally honest.  THIS is the quiche that stole my happiness.

Do you see all that water?!??!  I can’t even…grrrrrrrrrr.  I just got mad all over again.  Look again.  Just so you can totally be on my wavelength.  The quiche-fail wavelength.  It’s a sad, lonely, tasteless part of the spectrum of emotion.

Offensive, right?  I know.

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Sushi and Me, Together Forever

I love sushi.  I could write a song, a novella, or given enough time, even an opera about the long-term love affair I have had (and plan to continue having) with sushi. I think it’s the perfect food.  It’s healthy, refreshing, salty, cute (and it really is cute – how many foods can you say THAT about and still feel comfortable eating it???) – I can’t imagine a more perfect combination.

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Healthy Food? GROSS!!!!

I’m currently on a mission to find healthy foods that are fun (and fast!) to cook or prepare, and that won’t make me associate eating healthily with, well, cardboard and its other bland, equally-lacking-in-personality  family members (mushy paper, shredded files…there are ALL KINDS of paper products that bear an uncanny resemblance  to health food!).

The inimitable Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman has given me a few ideas, such as this DELICIOUS looking summer stir-fry.  Mmmmm, garlic shrimp.


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