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Go West! (Life is peaceful there…)

Due to complete and utter lack of inspiration and capability, a quick photo-and-word dump of my past week’s experiences:

[cute fambly members at my birthday dinner at Market]

[my man and me, notably exhausted after a long week of packing, also at my birthday dinner]

[My conclusion about the meaning of life after 24 hours of driving alone past this: WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CORN FIELDS?!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!?!]

[This is pretty much exactly the sight we were greeted by after 30 hours of driving in two days…not bad, huh?]

[Delicious carne asada tacos at Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Denver…now I understand why people from the West refer to it as “real” Mexican food!]

[Boulder, Colorado – our apartment search in our new part of the planet has already begun!]

And unfortunately, that’s about all I have to offer the world at the moment.  The combination of the 30-hour-weekend drive, mild altitude sickness, apartment hunting and general exhaustion have me feeling like approximately one-eighth of a boring person at the moment.  But not to worry – I’ll be back with a vengeance as soon as I get my mountain sea legs!  (If you understood that, congratulations.  Shut up, Tess.)

P.S. For all of you who got the Village People reference in the title of this blog post…high five.

2 thoughts on “Go West! (Life is peaceful there…)”

  1. Welcome to Colorado! I’m so excited for you as you start this next adventure. You and Tim look wonderfully happy (send him my hellos!). Happy belated birthday! xoxo Gav

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