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Home Sweet Freakin’ Home

OK, OK, you got me…this isn’t my house.  Dare to dream.  Right?

Some very exciting news this morning: we’ve found an apartment!  It’s located right in the heart of Boulder, and we’re so thrilled.  The biggest victory of securing this place was due to the kitchen, which was by far the most attractive and pleasant one we saw – this was pretty much priority #2, after being within walking distance of downtown Boulder (which we are – about 6 blocks!).

Every other kitchen we saw seemed to have leapt straight out of some horrible 50’s tenement, with nasty, dark wooden cabinets, rusty pulls, old appliances and just a general dinginess to the area.  Our new place is fairly small (530 square feet), but the layout is fantastic, and we have three massive windows facing south (which is a big deal here) and a great common space.  We can’t wait to make it our own!

We really couldn’t be more thrilled about this not-so-small victory just four days after arriving in Colorado.  Now that we’ve found the perfect place to live, there’s just the “small” task of finding a job.


Any suggestions?  Or interesting open positions with hefty paychecks that you all would like to offer me?  Please, by all means!  For now, I’ll rest on my laurels and enjoy another beautiful Colorado summer day – I’ll post more pictures once we’re actually moved in and it looks like our apartment, but maybe it’ll end up looking like one of these.  (If only…)

[All completely drool-worthy images via House of Turquoise and Design Sponge.  Mmmmm.]

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Freakin’ Home”

  1. Glad you posted a pic! The flickr album didn’t work 😦 I’m excited that you guys found a place so quickly! Now I can come visit

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