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No Labor Allowed!/I’m Sorry.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Okay, now that’s out of the way.

When I first started writing this blog, I did two things.  I a) apologized in advance for what I was sure would be a failed experiment in trying to post regularly, and I b) made that apology look unnecessary by posting virtually every day for like a week.  Like it was all a dirty lie.

Well, listen.  I’m trying, OK?  Every once in a while (read: very often), life gets in the way and I just don’t feel quite interesting enough to be pushing my life/thoughts/photographs/recipes/jokes on other people.  However, I’ll try to include a little bit of all of those in this post to make up for it.  While still keeping it short, because let’s face it, I’m TIRED.

On Friday, I wrapped up my first full week at my new job here in Boulder – and I am LOVING it.  My brain has hurt kind of consistently since I started there (I guess that’s what I get for saying, “Sure, I can learn about software!  …?!?!?!”), but the people I work with kick a seriously impressive amount of ass, and I’m so motivated to keep working my tail off and getting swept up in the environment.  Working for a successful start-up is such an ideal environment for the way my attitude towards work is focused right now – it’s very work hard/play hard.  And lawd knows, I can do both.

In other news, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on one of my favorite things about our new apartment: Breakfast Quesadillas.  What’s a breakfast quesadilla?  Well, I’m so glad you asked.  Breakfast quesadillas are ONLY the most delicious option for a lazy Saturday morning brunch.  You heard it here first.

The stunning thing about the (::moment of silence::) breakfast quesadilla is how simple it is.  Basically, if you know how to make a regular quesadilla, then you know how to make a breakfast quesadilla!  Behold:

[onions sauteed in jabanero hot sauce?  wouldn’t have gone near it three months ago…]

[it’s just cheese, y’all.]

[we did this one with onions sauteed in hot sauce, scrambled eggs, avocado and extra sharp cheddar, but monterey jack, sauteed bell peppers and tomatoes are all mouth-watering additions to this fine morning tradition.]


[The finished product, loaded with Cholula and green chile salsa.  Look fluorescent?  That just means it’s ready.]

I hope you enjoyed my photo essay/ode to the breakfast quesadilla.  And guess what?  It’s a long weekend!  You can make it tomorrow!  The recipe is: put it all on a tortilla, and then put it in the oven for like 5 minutes.  Ain’t that easy??  (Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with the whole southern thing in this post.  Forgive me.  And Collin, shut up.]

I have a few more pictures to show, and then I’m on my merry way (read: I have a Daniel Silva book to finish.  It IS a long weekend, after all).  About a month ago, my man and I met his family in Leadville, CO to watch Tim’s superbiker-brother, JHK, ride 100 miles in 6 and a half hours.  (Say WHAT?!?!?  I KNOW!!!).

Anyway, Leadville hangs steady at a mega-gnarly 10,500 feet – otherwise known as, breathing is seriously laborious there even when you’re doing absolutely nothing, and you kind of feel like you’re dying 100% of the time.  ANYWAY, we stumbled on this very cute, very smelly antique store while we were there, and there were these pretty bottles in the window.  So I took some pictures.  And I figured, what’s universally appealing to the motley crew demographic that is my readers, if not pretty antique bottles?

The sarcasm.  You love it.

Here are the bottles – I loved their detail and how striking they all looked together.  Also, gotta love the SmartCar.  Happy long weekend, people!  Drink beer, because as laborers, the government is actually imploring you to.  Love ya!

4 thoughts on “No Labor Allowed!/I’m Sorry.”

  1. So happy for you out in Boulder! I saw your mama and papa about a month ago and they gave me updates on your life, which sounds tubular. Ummm also I want like twenty million of those beautiful bottles. K Bye.

  2. you spelled habanero wrong. ijit.

    but i think you might have made it okay by sharing breakfast quesadillas (spell check thought i meant quadrilles, so now i’m just gonna call them that)


    my new thing on weekends is to cook breakfast for about 15 people and then eat it all.

  3. omg breakfast quesadillas.

    i agree with collin — how did i NOT think of this before. ah, i guess that’s why i’m friends with you. you’re just cooler than me and smarter. i’m taller? ahh.

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