Where Is My Mind?

[Happy place.  Happy place.]

Guys.  Work has been crazy.  I’ve barely had a chance to breathe these past few weeks, and I have a sneaking suspicion that my brain looks something like this:

[You guys know exactly what I’m talking about.]

Sometimes, when I was little (read: like a month ago), I would picture myself as a high-powered businesswoman, who had someone else to schedule her pedicures and…I don’t know, blow off her kids.  (All of this really clearly shows the grasp I had of important tasks that require attending to when you’re a businesswoman.)

I would never have to get my own coffee, because there would be someone else to get my coffee.  Except almost nobody else knows how I like my coffee.  Except My Man.  And that…that just wouldn’t work.  Okay, this plan is sounding less appealing.

This past week, I got diagnosed with plantar fasciitis due to excessive hyper-pronation.  I continue to struggle with the spelling.  Basically, my short-fated venture into the world of cute shoes is over for good.  Bye-bye, flip flops! Hello:

[Boo.  Seriously.]

The good news remains that if ever I had been actively looking for an excuse to never wear really cute T-strap sandals again, it’s been handed to me authoritatively by my doctor (who, incidentally, referred to me as “one of those” when I aired my grievances about dumping out my vast collection of adorable sandals).  Said she, and I quote, “You can always just wear hiking boots!”

That did not go over well.  I don’t hike.

Anyway, that happened.

Tomorrow (probably), I’m buying my plane tickets to Spain.  YESSSSSSSS.


We’re looking for a new place, and I am still eating a lot of brussels sprouts.  Oh, and My Man and I are celebrating our 4-year anniversary tomorrow.  Whaaaaa???  It seems like just yesterday we were silly college sophomores, drinking a lot and…oh, I guess that was yesterday.  Never mind.

I’ve decided that I haven’t been blogging enough about interior design recently, and I like that.  So I’m going to start posting stuff that I like, and also pictures of things that I like.  Also, my birthday is coming up. 


Those three sentences were in no way related.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it.  I wish I had more to regale you with, but instead, I will leave you with a picture of my dog wearing a hat.  Because it’s Thursday, and because I love ya.

[Girlfriend knows her fashion.]


2 thoughts on “Where Is My Mind?”

  1. Happy anniversary to two lovely people! Congratulations. And I am SORRY about your foot and not being able to wear cute shoes. All in good time…and I KNOW you can rock those bad boys like nobody’s business. When are you going to Spain?! xoxo

  2. nice! congrats on the anniversary, guys, and tell your man that im sorry i forgot to wish him Birthday. when are you going to spain? and where are you going? any interest in making a stopover in morocco, or melilla?

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