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Spring, But Slowly

Aaaah, spring.

The promise of buds on trees and bushes, the smell of pollen in the air (unfortunately, for most of us), and approximately 100 million cyclists that make every spin around Boulder in my minivan a truly terrifying experience.

I can already tell that this spring will be different from others that I’ve experienced so far – much like the fall, Colorado puts its best foot forward in terms of natural beauty (business as usual, with its gorgeous white mountain peaks and clear blue skies), but falls a little flat in terms of my New England-bred expectations. But wait: there’s more!

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Zen and the Art of Pizza Making

[DISCLAIMER: The title of this post could potentially fool one into thinking that there is a pizza recipe somewhere in this post.  And if one was thinking that, one would be wrong.  I will say that pizza doesn’t really require a recipe – you just put sauce and ingredients on the dough and bake it.  So if that’s what you were looking for, you are very, very welcome.]

This weekend has been an amazing, refreshing, restorative few days comprised of delicious food, amazing friends and beautiful weather.  Not gonna lie, it was pretty satisfying to type that last sentence.  ‘Cause it’s true!

We were graced this past week by the presence of Snuggles, one of our BFFs from college, and his buddy, Tall D.  The two (very smart!) boys took a much-needed break from East Coast work and humidity (yuck!) to come bask in the Colorado sun for a few days, and we took good care of them – the not-so-secret part was, we LOVE having visitors and they took care of us just as much in that sense.

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