Lately, my life has been so full of action – but for me, the most notable thing is a very simple fact: I’ve been happy.  It hasn’t been complicated – I’ve just been spending a lot of time silently giving thanks for all of the amazing things in my life, and I haven’t had to want for much of anything at all.

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Whoops. Also, Sesame Noodles!

OH YEAH, my blog!

Forgive me, friends.  My only excuse is that at some point in the last few months, I’ve developed a life.

With that aside, life update: Work has been hectic but also great, and My Man (he has formally requested that I capitalize his title from now on, and who am I to deny Him?) and I have been spending lots of time with friends and family.  Highlights include an awesome wine tasting, some happy hours and potlucks, and nights snuggling by the fire watching Glee with some of our buddies.  Life has been pretty grand.

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