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Splish Splash

It has occurred to me in the short time that I have been trying to write this post so far that it is very hard to talk about pictures of bathrooms without suggesting things that I don’t intend to.

As a result of that, I will keep this brief.

Here are some pictures of bathrooms.  That I like.  I feel truly awkward right now.

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Just A Little Weekend Inspiration

[How much do you love this dresser???  I know.]

Since most of the past few days have been spent unapologetically hanging around, waiting for employment to begin, I haven’t had much to write about (other than how much I LOVE homemade iced tea.  Nothing like it).  However, since today I am house-bound for another reason (I have a hangover), I feel like I should try to produce something to stop feeling so gross.

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Home, Home on the Range…???

Apparently, I have a deep-seated fantasy of being a farmer’s wife.  Slash, fine artist.  Who knew?

As soon as I saw this amazing Massachusetts barn, I realized that I had made a terrible, horrible mistake in moving to Colorado.  I don’t like MOUNTAINS – I like BARNS!!!  How could I have forgotten this?!?!

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Comings and Goings

Truth be told, it’s been sort of a lackluster week.  The weather hasn’t been great, and a lot of the week has been spent applying to jobs, building furniture, and attending job interviews and then spending the rest of the week waiting to hear from said potential jobs.

Not low-stress activities, exactly.

However, we’ve had some other stuff going on in preparation for our big move tomorrow (YAY!), and here is some of that stuff in the form of a picture essay.  Wahoo!

We’ve been hanging with the doggies:

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